Purdue University


Give us the opportunity to create Cuffers with your own University's logo/identification and give your alumni the opportunity to wear their schools logo on their sleeves, with pride. Use your schools logo Cuffers to earn funds for all your University's worthwhile activities.

Introducing Cuffhers. Cuffhers are smaller companions to men's Cuffers, designed specifically for women. Cuffhers are beautifully constructed  jewelry elements for women to wear proudly any place on their clothing, with their schools logo/identification. 

Sent your request or questions to: johnzaboyan@cuffers.com

And just to remind you that while we will manufacture your innovative quality logo Cuffers and Cuffhers in our own factory, they will be inspected thoroughly, packed carefully before they are shipped with gratitude, providing jobs to special needs people from TradeWinds Services, non-profit Organization from Northwest, Indiana   www.tradewindsnwi.org.

Note: All trademarks, trade names, or service marks that appear in connection with Cuffers, are the property of their respective owners and are used on Cuffers for demonstration only.