Inviting all Orgs.

We invite all organizations and religious institutions to allow us, with no upfront cost, produce your logo on Cuffers and sell on

All net profits earned from your own logo Cuffers, will be forwarded to your respective organization. You will be able to follow us on Cuffers Facebook to see your transparent sales and receive the proceeds. You will be able to get your own Cuffers for your fund earning efforts, at our factory prices.

Why do we want to do something without making additional monies? Why not, when doing something creates a win, win, win, win, win situation for all.

win-  We will benefit from additional exposure of our own and sales.
win-  More Cuffers we produce the less expensive the production costs of all Cuffers products will become.
win-  Help organizations and religious institutions earn additional money, without spending their precious money up front for raising additional money.
win-  Help people who work hard for a meager living, earn additional income for a better life, while manufacturing our quality Cuffers products.
win-  Help TradeWinds org. employ more special needs people, as well as hire additional unemployed people all throughout Northwest Indiana,

               This is our own miniscule way of helping alleviate the sufferings of some fellow humans, while benefiting us all.