About Cuffers

Cuffers: A simple way to accessories your basic long sleeve shirt cuffs. 

In most cases we men do not have much opportunity to wear accessories to decorate our daily attire. Cufflinks are one way we can upgrade our appearance, but cufflinks need a cumbersome and expensive French cuff shirt that can be worn only with the cufflinks. This is why we created patent-pending Cuffers. They can be worn with most regular long sleeve shirts to create our own signature life style, anyway we want.

Offering Cuffers direct and only through our own Cuffers website eliminates layers of expense such as advertising, commissions, markdowns, pilferage, excessive retail profits, etc. Therefore, Cuffers are priced to be very affordable for you to own and to give as presents.

Cuffers are manufactured in our own factory with the highest quality materials and are inspected thoroughly, packed carefully before they are shipped to you with gratitude by special needs people at TradeWinds Services, a non-profit organization from Northwest Indiana. www.tradewindsnwi.org.

We hope you enjoy our innovative Cuffers and create your own signature life style. And if you have any questions, comments, or anything regarding our Cuffers, please do not hesitate to email johnzaboyan@cuffers.com. You will receive a prompt answer.



From nwitimes.com:

"John Zaboyan, of Crown Point, has created a new favorite fashion trend. While traditional cuff links offers a touch of class to attire, many dress shirts aren't made for cuff links. Mr. Zaboyan dreamed up a wonderful fashion accessory that allows any contemporary button cuff shirt to easy be adorned with his fun "Cuffers," which easily slip over any button. Available in many elegant and whimsical designs, he has also created special styles for charitable organizations to help groups earn money. He also uses TradeWinds in a partnership for the packaging and shipping of the items. To date, he has designed special Cuffers for NoKidHungry and Wounded Warriors, with all of the profits from each design going to those charitable organizations."