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Bipartisan - Enamel

Item #C10641

BIPARTISAN is AMERICAN              Created for NoKidHungry

Hunger is worst then any disease. Hunger kills faster than any disease. BIPARTISAN American Congress can cure hunger disease.

Poor kids are the invisible majority with no power to change their dark destiny. BIPARTISAN American Congress can brighten their journey.

What is a safety net for unemployed poor American families?
BIPARTISAN American Congress of course.

And in helping the less fortunate American kids, we are giving $3.30 to from every BIPARTISAN Cuffers you purchase. We are not charging you more money and giving it to a cause. We are giving from our own profits to help the cause. All BIPARTISAN Cuffers are inspected thoroughly, packed carefully before they are shipped to you with gratitude, by special needs people at TradeWinds Services, a non-profit organization from Northwest Indiana.

So go ahead and wear your conviction on your sleeve. Expressorize your shirt cuffs with BIPARTISAN Cuffers and sent a message to the congress. Better yet, buy a second BIPARTISAN Cuffers and decorate the shirt cuffs of your own elected representatives, reminding them of their oath and responsibility of working together for the good of all Americans.

So poor American kids are not looking for a handout from their partisan representatives, they are looking for a BIPARTISAN American Congresses helping hand.     


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