American - Inlaid Enamel

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AMERICAN               Created for...Feeding America

There are enough letters in the words Democrat and Republican to spell the word American.

What is an American? An American is hard working, but a few lazy.     An American is generous, but a few greedy. An American is compassionate, but a few selfish. An American is honest, but a few cheaters.

However millions of less fortunate Americans do not have the opportunity to be hard working because they cannot find jobs. They want to be generous but they are poor. They are less compassionate because they are emotionally weak. And sometimes a few are not as honest because of survival instinct.

Less fortunate but resilient, these American's try to make the best hand with the cards they are dealt with, but sadly enough most have but only a couple of cards to make any kind of a hand. So they are not looking for a handout from their government; they are just looking for an American helping hand.      

And in helping the less fortunate Americans, we are giving $3.30 to Feeding America from every AMERICAN Cuffers you purchase. We are not charging you more money and giving it to a cause. We are giving from our own profits to help the cause. And all AMERICAN Cuffers are inspected thoroughly, packed carefully before they are shipped to you with gratitude, by special needs people at TradeWinds Services, a non-profit organization from Northwest Indiana.

Let's remind American congress that difficulties unfortunate Americans endure daily are not Democrat or Republican, but simply American.

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